Buttercups, Daisies & Sunshine

Hey guys well Spring finally is finally here! We have just had a really lovely walk in the evening spring, fresh air. There is just something about this time of year, being able to spend a lot more time outdoors and enjoying the good old British sunshine even if it isn’t that warm just yet.

I feel pretty lucky having the countryside on our doorstep, which does have its advantages, like today being able to go for a walk after school and watching the excitement on our daughters face as she runs around and picks Daisy’s and buttercups to pop in a little cup of water when she gets home. Just spending an hour being surrounded by nature, daffodils, the sound of the little stream at the bottom of the farmland and lambs in the distance is just bliss.

No more continuously popping the washing in the tumble dryer, on the radiator or anywhere it can go! Being able to sit in the garden or listen to Millie playing outside after school and on the weekends whilst I prepare our tea!

We have lots of Easter crafts to keep us busy over the half term and I am sure our house will be full of Easter eggs and me saying that I never want to eat chocolate again, until the next day that is. Its the one day where you don’t have to hide from your child(ren) to have a sneaky nibble of chocolate.

Sometimes its the little pleasures in life that are the most important!

Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from www.public-domain-image.com