Sunny day out in Northallerton

Saturday was beautiful, warm and sunny! We all had a trip out to Northallerton whilst my husband was busy at work with it being the Grand National. 

The market that was on was amazing, there were a lot of different stalls with yummy foods from various countries that smelt delicious, handcrafted items and clothing but I’ve never ever been to one where they had owls! 

My sister loves going to tea rooms for afternoon tea, I don’t know how she managed to persuade my step dad to take us all into Betty’s Tea Rooms but she did! We all had very yummy food and I finally tried avocado for the FIRST time, Which I’ve been meaning to try for ages! My daughter didn’t actually have a great deal of choice on the child’s menu that was provided for breakfast so she had to opt for a ham sandwich. Overall we really enjoyed it! The only niggle we had was for what my daughter and sister got it was expensive. 

Overall we had a brilliant day out visiting and exploring a town that a few of us had not been too before. 

Buttercups, Daisies & Sunshine

Hey guys well Spring finally is finally here! We have just had a really lovely walk in the evening spring, fresh air. There is just something about this time of year, being able to spend a lot more time outdoors and enjoying the good old British sunshine even if it isn’t that warm just yet.

I feel pretty lucky having the countryside on our doorstep, which does have its advantages, like today being able to go for a walk after school and watching the excitement on our daughters face as she runs around and picks Daisy’s and buttercups to pop in a little cup of water when she gets home. Just spending an hour being surrounded by nature, daffodils, the sound of the little stream at the bottom of the farmland and lambs in the distance is just bliss.

No more continuously popping the washing in the tumble dryer, on the radiator or anywhere it can go! Being able to sit in the garden or listen to Millie playing outside after school and on the weekends whilst I prepare our tea!

We have lots of Easter crafts to keep us busy over the half term and I am sure our house will be full of Easter eggs and me saying that I never want to eat chocolate again, until the next day that is. Its the one day where you don’t have to hide from your child(ren) to have a sneaky nibble of chocolate.

Sometimes its the little pleasures in life that are the most important!

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Millie’s first competition win

A complete surprise this morning when there was a knock at the door with the postman handing me a large white parcel! At first I thought it was the Walkers competition prize that we had won a few weeks ago. Millie had entered a competition on the National Geographic Kids website and won this awesome prize! When she came in from school she decided to read the summary of each book and chose to read Diary of a Wimpy Kid Old School, she absolutely loves this book she didn’t put it down until she had finished it, she has even started to read it for a second time. The other two books we are saving for the Easter holidays! So thank you to National Geographic kids Millie loves her prize.


Weekly Blog!

This week has been manic! I seem to of been here, there and everywhere! I’m looking forward to a much needed day to myself tomorrow. Im the person that sorts everyone making sure they are all organised which means I tend to neglect myself. I really do wish weekends were longer, there just isn’t enough time to fit everything in.

On Monday we had parents evening which went fantastic, unfortunately though we aren’t impressed with the teacher she has this year. Teachers are there to educate not put children down for forgetting to pop in the commas on their school work! It’s taken 7 months for this teacher to inform us, a letter home or a quick word at the end of the day would of been great.

We seem to of spent a lot of our time this weekend outdoors regardless of the weather. So after a busy week I just hope next week is a little less busy!

Weekdays and trying to persuade your child to get ready! 

Well i couldn’t of named this any better! But since it’s Monday tomorrow it got me thinking, Since my daughter has turned 7 I spend most of the morning saying get dressed, brush your teeth and wash your face and i don’t just say it the once, I should really just record my voice and play it every weekday. 

Then you have the sleeping in longer on a weekday and up as soon as it’s light on a weekend!! When she gets up to read a book or play with her shopkins it literally sounds like an interior wall is being knocked down! 

Trip to chester

So I’m a bit late at popping this up and a few of the photos were taken just before Christmas but we were down at Chester last Sunday.

We have had alot of day trips down to Chester to visit my sister at uni and you never get bored! The city is just amazing from all the beautiful buildings which are full of character to the quirky walkways and the wibbly-wobbly stairwells. There is so much to take in when you are there, it’s well worth a visit.


We went for lunch in a unique, quirky little tea room called Mad Hatters, which we all absolutely loved. The decor is fantastic and great for adults and little ones! Each time we have popped in for a bite to eat the staff are always welcoming, friendly and the atmosphere is always pleasant.



Chester is well worth a visit, wether it may be a day trip or a weekend break you will no be disappointed!

Sunday thoughts! 

This post is basically everything that is rattling around in my mind. Here we are again tomorrow is Monday 🙁 think Wednesday is my favourite day! Overall though we have had a really good productive week. I won a competition for my daughter which I’ll do a personal review on once I receive it in the post! As organised as I am with getting everything prepared for the week ahead I can’t help feel I have forgotten to do something. 

So I’m in a bit of a dilemma and I’ve been thinking about this for a while… I need space in my home so I can work on my crafts at the moment it’s a case of working at my kitchen table which isn’t ideal. I have 2 options either to convert my cupboard where everything is stored into a craft area or to find a really good table and storage that will be easy to pop away nicely! I have spent my time searching on Pinterest for ideas but I have a feeling there would be huge costs involved. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! 

Half term, books and reading!

Half term is nearly over, we have had a great time, Our daughter actually slept past 6!  We actually haven’t had any “I am bored” moments. We have been out for walks, visiting family, shopping and had a really yummy meal out. Now we just have to make the most of the weekend ahead!

If my 7 year old had to pick between her iPad and reading, she would pick up her favourite book and read which she has done this half term. Reading has been so beneficial it has even encouraged my daughter to write and tell her own little story’s.

There are many books that she has loved reading when she was a toddler she loved ‘Aliens love underpants’ we got a lot of giggles with those books. As of late it is the ‘Flying Fergus’ series by Chris Hoy, she can read perfectly but she still loves her dad reading too her at bedtime.

I’m so proud of her love for books and how she has progressed, however I do miss the days when we were able to talk in code where she didn’t know what was being discussed.