Sunday thoughts! 

This post is basically everything that is rattling around in my mind. Here we are again tomorrow is Monday 🙁 think Wednesday is my favourite day! Overall though we have had a really good productive week. I won a competition for my daughter which I’ll do a personal review on once I receive it in the post! As organised as I am with getting everything prepared for the week ahead I can’t help feel I have forgotten to do something. 

So I’m in a bit of a dilemma and I’ve been thinking about this for a while… I need space in my home so I can work on my crafts at the moment it’s a case of working at my kitchen table which isn’t ideal. I have 2 options either to convert my cupboard where everything is stored into a craft area or to find a really good table and storage that will be easy to pop away nicely! I have spent my time searching on Pinterest for ideas but I have a feeling there would be huge costs involved. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! 


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