Half term, books and reading!

Half term is nearly over, we have had a great time, Our daughter actually slept past 6!  We actually haven’t had any “I am bored” moments. We have been out for walks, visiting family, shopping and had a really yummy meal out. Now we just have to make the most of the weekend ahead!

If my 7 year old had to pick between her iPad and reading, she would pick up her favourite book and read which she has done this half term. Reading has been so beneficial it has even encouraged my daughter to write and tell her own little story’s.

There are many books that she has loved reading when she was a toddler she loved ‘Aliens love underpants’ we got a lot of giggles with those books. As of late it is the ‘Flying Fergus’ series by Chris Hoy, she can read perfectly but she still loves her dad reading too her at bedtime.

I’m so proud of her love for books and how she has progressed, however I do miss the days when we were able to talk in code where she didn’t know what was being discussed.


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